Stand-on – Capacity (1000 – 2500KG)

Stand-on – Capacity (1000 – 2500KG)

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  • Left view of opetator collecting load with mast low 1


    Bringing a new dimension of quality to materials handling in the warehouse.


    • Top-class turning radius
    • Outstanding stability in motion
    • Top-class material handling capabilities and travel speed
    • Maximaised operation time between recharges
    • Minimal load reduction for lift height
    • Designed for side battery loading
    • Brushless motor: reduced maintenance because of less moving parts
    • SICOS-AC: A multi-functional centralised control system for AC control
    • Energy-saving design
    • Switchback regeneration
    • Braking regeneration
    • Easy to read display
    • Multiple driving mode settings
    • Automatic power off
    • Automatic suspension as standard equipment
    • Reinforced overhead guard
    • Reinforced rear frame
    • Wide visibility
    • Enlarged operator space
    • Lowest noise level in its class
    • Fully automatic computer-controlled battery charger