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  • FB side


    Electric forklift trucks now compete favorably with engine-powered forklift trucks. Equipped with an AC motor and offering excellent operability.


    •  Tight Space Turning
    •  Waterproofing Property
    •  The Multi-functional Centralized Control System for AC Control
    •  Front and Rear Stability
    •  Shock Absorbing Features
    •  Neutral Safety Function
    •  Multi-display
    •  Good Visibility
    •  Comfortable Seat (ORS type seat)


  • Left view of opetator collecting load with mast low 1


    Bringing a new dimension of quality to materials handling in the warehouse.


    • Top-class turning radius
    • Outstanding stability in motion
    • Top-class material handling capabilities and travel speed
    • Maximaised operation time between recharges
    • Minimal load reduction for lift height
    • Designed for side battery loading
    • Brushless motor: reduced maintenance because of less moving parts
    • SICOS-AC: A multi-functional centralised control system for AC control
    • Energy-saving design
    • Switchback regeneration
    • Braking regeneration
    • Easy to read display
    • Multiple driving mode settings
    • Automatic power off
    • Automatic suspension as standard equipment
    • Reinforced overhead guard
    • Reinforced rear frame
    • Wide visibility
    • Enlarged operator space
    • Lowest noise level in its class
    • Fully automatic computer-controlled battery charger


  • FBRF action shot

    FBRF 14/16/20

    The Leader in Reach Truck Innovation: The FBRF Series

    Reach trucks must meet three basic  criteria: fast travel, high lift capability and compact design. The new FBRF series clearly excels at all three.


    • Multi-functional Centralised Control System for AC Control
    • Powerful acceleration for increased work efficiency
    • Excellent maneuverability for narrow spaces
    • Functional tight turning ability
    • Smooth, powerful lifting
    • Improved Visibility
    • Shock absorption mast and soft landing mechanism
    • Advanced steering and multi-display
    • Self-diagnosis function
    • Travel-speed-sensitive lift speed control
    • Automatic power-off
    • Operation interlock system (OIS)
    • Fully opening drive unit cover
    • Battery forward pull-out system


  • FBT

    FBT10 -20

    Nichiyu Three-wheeler
    Featuring exceptional comfort and advanced functions, this new design encompasses all the elements necessary to maximize overall safety, durability, and the versatility to handle any work environment.


    •            Featuring the SICOS-AC Multi-functional Centralised Control System
    •            Excellent Space-Saving Design with 1510-mm Turning Radius
    •            Electric Power Steering
    •            Seat Suspension
    •            Combination Tail Lamps
    •            Improved Forward Visibility
    •            Grip Assist with Integrated Horn
    •            Increased Head Clearance
    •            Parking Break Alert
    •           Operation Interlock System
    •           Emergency Stop Button
    •           Safety Cruise


  • PS14RP


    The PS 14RP series comes with many advantages that make operations effortless and faster to save logistics costs and to increase productivity.

    •             Capacity of 1400kg.
    •             Reach Pantograph with Tilting Forks.
    •             Noblelift AC Drive System.
    •             Electric Power Steering.
    •             Lifting Functions Controlled Ergonomically and Effortless from the Tiller.
    •             Proportional Lift.
    •             Sideways Exchange Battery Compartment (Optional)

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  • ps16sl-high-res

    PS16L SL/PS20L SL

    The PS 12 – 20L series is tailored to most pedestrian controlled stacking and racking operations with capacities from 1200kg up to 2000kg.

    •           Ergonomic, Compact and Safe Long Tiller Design
    •           Precise Lifting and Lowering with Full Proportional Hydraulic  System
    •          Powerful, Maintenance Free German AC Power Train
    •          Core Components from High Quality Brands
    •          4 Wheel Structure for Stability

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