FBRF action shot
fbrf compartment
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rbf action shot
18. FBRF-75
FBRF action shot
FBRF 14/16/20

FBRF 14/16/20

The Leader in Reach Truck Innovation: The FBRF Series

Reach trucks must meet three basic  criteria: fast travel, high lift capability and compact design. The new FBRF series clearly excels at all three.


• Multi-functional Centralised Control System for AC Control
• Powerful acceleration for increased work efficiency
• Excellent maneuverability for narrow spaces
• Functional tight turning ability
• Smooth, powerful lifting
• Improved Visibility
• Shock absorption mast and soft landing mechanism
• Advanced steering and multi-display
• Self-diagnosis function
• Travel-speed-sensitive lift speed control
• Automatic power-off
• Operation interlock system (OIS)
• Fully opening drive unit cover
• Battery forward pull-out system



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Stylish design and ergonomic cockpit ensures excellent maneuverability ease of operation.