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How to operate pedestrian forklifts safely

Pedestrian Operated Forklifts (POFs) differ from forklift trucks because they are not intended to be controlled by an operator riding on the vehicle. While similar safe operating and maintenance procedures apply to all types of forklifts, the following control measures relate specifically to POFs. A licence/certificate is not required to operate POFs. How to operate…
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Forklifts – Getting on and off safely

How to reduce or eliminate the workplace health and safety risks from forklifts by making sure operators can get on and off safely. Forklifts cause more death and injuries in workplaces than any other piece of equipment. This health and safety solution advise how workplaces can prevent workers getting injured when they get on and…
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Changing and Charging a Forklift Battery Safely

Safety is always a number one priority within any workplace. That is why, it is important that forklift operators take a few minutes to complete a pre-safety check to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of the people around them. A pre-start safety check should be done every time you use a…
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Safety Attitudes

In organisational psychology, the belief-attitude-value system determines the likelihood that people will accept a message (e.g. workplace safety) and act accordingly based on three psychological dimensions: People's beliefs (the cognitive dimension): what a person knows to be true, our convictions. People’s attitudes (the affective dimension): how they feel, a particular perspective or position on something.…
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