Pallet Stacking Made Easy with Li-ion Power

Introducing the Noblelift Lithium-ion powered Pallet Stackers with straddle legs, the PS16 SL. The PS16 SL is the ideal choice for stacking pallets when the bottom pallet can be straddled and for transportation over short-distance or confined spaces. With the environmentally friendly Lithium-ion battery, it is especially suitable for food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries that require a clean environment.

With a capacity of 1600kg, this ergonomic pallet mover is designed with a safe long tiller the operator stays at a safe and at ergonomic distance to perform their work.
Powered by the innovative Li-ion battery, the PS16 SL allows operators to easily take advantage of “opportunity charging” with no risk of battery damage occurring. They provide organisations with longer run-times up to four to five times greater than lead acid batteries. As Li-ion batteries do not contain acid and don’t require water, making them 100% maintenance free.

Electric Pedestrian Stacker with Capacities of 1600kg

•           Ergonomic, Compact and Safe Long Tiller Design
•           Precise Lifting and Lowering with Full Proportional Hydraulic  System
•          Powerful, Maintenance Free German AC Power Train
•          Core Components from High Quality Brands
•          4 Wheel Structure for Stability

Long Tiller Design for Ergonomics and Safety
With the long tiller design the operator can always work comfortably and keep a safe distance from the truck. This design requires lower operator physical force than trucks with a short tiller. The tiller working height is always naturally positioned to deliver the most ergonomic operational control.

Specifically staking operations become easier and quicker due to the safe distance and improved view to the forks. The 4-wheel design with the sideways long mounted tiller gives superior stability loaded and unloaded.

Electronic proportional lifting and lowering
The electronically controlled proportional lifting system ensures accurate fork positioning for stacking operations at every lift height. With high masts the electronic controlled proportional lifting performs at its best.

CAN-BUS technology
CANBUS technology uses less wiring and is more reliable than alternative systems. CANBUS technology makes analysis and adjustments easier so that downtime is lower than for trucks without CANBUS. Using digital signals extends parts useful life lasting longer than analogue systems.

Robust and Reliable Design
The robust chassis with strong 8mm thick steel apron protects the truck and the components against impact. In combination with the strong metal battery cover, the truck is well-equipped to reduce service work and keep damage to a minimum.

Maintenance friendly
The trucks design and components combine to make service and maintenance easy. All components are easy to reach with the main cover removed. Drive-and castor wheel are easy to exchange without hoisting the truck.



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Electric Pedestrian Stacker with Capacities of 1200/1600/2000kg