Reduce Workplace Injury with Li-ion Power Pallet Mover

From warehouses to supermarkets if we looked around for a minute, we will notice that everything that we have just laid our eyes on, was at one point in its life, touched by a forklift. And the safest way to move pallets over a short distance is with a Power Pallet Mover.

Introducing the Noblelift Lithium-ion powered pedestrian pallet movers, the PT20Li. Thanks to a compact design the PT20Li is the ideal choice for material transportation in short-distance or confined spaces. With the environmentally friendly Lithium-ion battery, it is especially suitable for food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries that require a clean environment.

With a capacity of 2000kg, this ergonomic pallet mover is designed with a safe long tiller allowing for a small turning radius perfect for those tight spaces.

Powered by the innovative Li-ion battery, the PT20Li allows operators to easily take advantage of “opportunity charging” with no risk of battery damage occurring. They provide organisations with longer run-times up to four to five times greater than lead acid batteries. As Li-ion batteries do not contain acid and don’t require water, making them 100% maintenance free.

Purchasing a Li-ion powered machine, such as the PT20Li, rather than traditional lead-acid batteries the advantages of longer run times, increase in operator safety and increase in productivity through rapid charging can make it a smart investment.



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With the short chassis length (PT20L) the truck is tailored to operate in confined areas.